• Thanks to EVERYONE who watched 'Sullivan and Son' it was a GREAT three seasons. I'm bummed that TBS decided to NOT move forward with the show.

USA Today- What To Watch – June 15

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In exchange for free wings and soda. I sat at a Buffalo Wild Wings and want to fill you in on what to watch this week in the world of sports! I’m a cheap Date.

Deflated Footballs…um.. Ok.

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Everyone is mad at the Patriots for cheating, but NO ONE has brought any ideas to the table of how to prevent ball tampering from happening again. Thanks to USAToday Sports & For The Win.


ABC Pilot is a no-go

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ABC has decided to NOT move forward with the sitcom I was a part of ‘Delores and Jermaine’. Thank you to ABC, Jermaine Fowler, Whoopi Goldberg & Daniel Chun!! I made some new friends and I got to meet Ernie Muthaf**kin Hudson.


TV Pilot season is tough. Exciting because you get to see so people you know get well deserved opportunities. And at the same time, disappointing because you get to see so many people you know lose an opportunity.

I’m currently half way across the globe performing in a place where body armor is mandatory, ‘DUST’ is a legitimate weather condition and people put ritz crackers on top of banana pudding in lieu of Vanilla Wafers.


When the chopper pilot you met at lunch just got shot at, it kinda puts into perspective what it is I do for a living.

As always you have to keep multiple pots on the stove and I hope my friends who did NOT get good news this week are doing the same. Success is just a delicate mix of talent & perseverance. Remember that, and the demons of disappointment can never touch you.