Roy On ‘Late Night w/ Seth Myers’

September 30, 2014 No Comments

Took a quick flight to NYC to get on television and rant about the cost of fruit smoothies in this country. Don’t ever tell me I don’t tackle the tough issues.

Guaranteed Ass Whoopins!– NFL Week 1

September 03, 2014 No Comments

Fantasy Football is cool… but I LOVE to Play Cover 5. SO I was STOKED when Scott Schmidt and the gang over there said they’d let me make an “Expert” video every week on which team I thought would be guaranteed to not only lose the game, but to get their ASS KICKED. And to make matters even better, good ol Steve Szaban (Yahoo Sports Radio is planning to let me call in and drop knowledge. Now keep in mind, I’m not a football expert. I’ve never played the game organized at ANY level. (Outside of the Flag intramural teams at Florida A & M) but I am qualified because I know a loser when I see one. I present NFL Week 1 of the ‘Guaraneed Ass Whoopins’ of the Week.